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We’re here to help you start a business. That’s why we started ours.

The Story of Telescope Mapping & The Business LAUNCH Workbook

Entrepreneurs solve problems. The problem we saw and experienced was all around. People had great ideas. People had inspired concepts based on what they knew and loved. People talked about how they would like to start a business someday. The difference between dreaming and living the dream is action. We set out to provide people with the tools to start with their ideas and begin implementing them. Begin building. Begin the process. Begin the progress.

Starting is hard. We aim to make that easier. There’s no such thing as an overnight success or a ‘one size fits all’ approach to achieving success however one defines it. Our aim is to embrace the process and provide tools that bring structure, organization, and process. Those that succeed do so because they continue moving forward and they plan.

Telescope Mapping was founded in 2017 in Denver, Colorado by a passionate entrepreneur who began consulting clients on small business launching and growth strategies after having successfully helped grow a startup from its humble beginnings to generating $4MM annually and expanding from 3 to 26 employees.

After three years of conducting one-on-one intensive strategy sessions with small business owners and entrepreneurs, Telescope Mapping consolidated all of the tools used during these consulting sessions and assembled them into one powerful workbook.

Thus was born Business LAUNCH, a guided workbook that acts as a personal consultant to give you the tools, steps, and guidance to successfully launch and grown any idea you might have into a successful business. Business LAUNCH has empowered small business owners in many industries; including the arts, culinary, fashion, fabrication and design, finance, nonprofit, private clubs, gaming, athletics, and more.

Now Business LAUNCH is available for everyone to benefit from, not just select clients and customers. Our mission is to help you and your business thrive.

Business LAUNCH is made with intention and care from a small but mighty team. It’s not just another boring business book. It’s an empowering guided workbook, useful for any stage that your idea or business may be in.

We are in the business of helping yours.

Telescope Mapping is on a mission to increase the fulfillment and pride within people by providing processes that allow them to access and leverage their unique potential. By removing the fear and ambiguity we help people to start and finish complex, challenging undertakings.