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Plan, Build, Start A Business

A workbook to help you develop your concept into a business

The easiest, most organized first steps. We are here to make entrepreneurship more accessible to more people. Start a business.

What will LAUNCH provide me with?

LAUNCH is for entrepreneurship.

It provides a system for you to consider yourself, and all of the parts and pieces of your business to plan your initial steps, set objectives, and walk away with an action plan aligned for six months. The workbook as a helpful, guiding consultant on your path to entrepreneurship.

  • Personal desires, enjoyment, needs, perception and fulfillment
  • Vision, Purpose and Goal Setting
  • Business Modeling
    • Value Proposition
    • Customers
    • Channels
    • Customer Relationships and TouchPoints
    • Revenue Modeling
    • Business Activities
    • Resources Needed
    • Costs
    • Partnerships
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Sales
  • Projected Income Statements
  • Risk Analysis
  • Detailed six-month roadmap
  • Your ideas for starting a business
  • A guide to enrepreneurship
Who is LAUNCH for?

Anyone who wants to start a business.

Launch is for you, the entrepreneur, in the early stages of developing your business or business ideas and is seeking out resources, tools, and educational material to learn, build confidence, explore, and remove fear as you establish first steps and begin building. You typically find and use books, templates, YouTube videos, blogs, or courses, all of which are mainly educational and specific but do not provide an all-encompassing process that is intended to drive action.

What makes LAUNCH different?

Unlike tools that are currently available like business plan websites, department-specific project planning software, business books or classes, Telescope Mapping is providing a process in LAUNCH that is intuitive and engaging, allowing users to work through their ideas, expand on them, and build an objective road-map on the path to entrepreneurship.

Is this a business plan?
LAUNCH is not designed to replace a business plan. That being said, the process and its results can certainly contribute to a business plan in many ways. Often times, a business plan is designed for an external audience with long-term objectives that show how the business plans to operate and where successes will be found. Scenarios in business plans are often “best case” scenarios that are origins and telling an overarching story.
In the age of apps and websites, what's with the pencil and paper approach?
Sitting down with pen/pencil and paper is an intimate working process. The physical connection to your project and the act of writing down your ideas demands a different level of attention and strengthens your unique relationship to your project.

Whether you are starting a product business, a service business, or starting a nonprofit, LAUNCH is designed to help you create the easiest, most thoughtful first steps.

LAUNCH was created with thoughtful intent. The process is meant to act as a mentor or consultant taking the role of walking you through a process of fleshing out your ideas, building a business model, establishing your targets, and designing your action plan.

Start a business. Start your business.

We are in the business of helping yours.

Telescope Mapping is on a mission to increase the fulfillment and pride within people by providing processes that allow them to access and leverage their unique potential. By removing the fear and ambiguity we help people to start and finish complex, challenging undertakings.