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Why Business LAUNCH Workbook?

This workbook provides you not only with a suite of tools, but also a process that will transform plans into action.

The LAUNCH workbook is the product of hundreds of hours spent working with small businesses in a variety of different industries. It’s designed to get you moving and propel your business idea forward.

We have designed LAUNCH to be approachable, easy to use, and in-depth. It is meant to challenge users to think beyond their initial idea, and actually begin visualizing it in the real world, as a business.

When starting a business, founders are left with no choice but to make assumptions. The best we can do is try to test them and view them from different vantage points.  This workbook is intended to provide a framework with which those assumptions can be shaped and challenged.

You will find that LAUNCH provides a system for you to both zoom in on the individual pieces of your business in isolation and zoom out to see the business operating with goals, opportunities, and potential.

This workbook will help you plan your initial steps, set objectives, and walk away with an action plan for your first six months. LAUNCH will help you prepare a fully functioning business model through the following activities:


Develop your unique offering to customers:

  • Identify customers and how to reach them;
  • Work through how your business brings in revenue;
  • Think through essential activities and resources needed;
  • Understand and plan for costs associated with the business.

LAUNCH also helps you to create a plan by considering:

  • The competitive environment;
  • Your strengths as a business;
  • Six-month sales and financial targets;
  • Risks that might prevent your business from succeeding.

LAUNCH will also help you

  • Plan and organize the work to be done within a given time frame, thereby reducing risk, boosting confidence, and initiating efforts to move the idea on to the next stages of development.
  • Momentum is powerful, and the act of starting will lead to new discoveries, innovation, continued energy, and help you create your own luck.

Momentum is powerful, and the act of starting will lead to new discoveries, innovation, continued energy, and hlep you create your own luck.

LAUNCH workbook
"If you have an idea but you’re not sure where to start, or even if you are but you don’t have all the details worked out yet, LAUNCH is for you. I was astounded by the way this process made me stop and think about all aspects of my idea from various new angles and called my attention to important considerations that hadn’t occurred to me before. The workbook is like a wise mentor walking you through a complex process in a way that feels smooth, easy, and logical. Incredibly thorough, very well-done, extraordinarily helpful, and immensely valuable. Thanks!"
- Chris Tyler

Workbook Specs:

  • Print Length: 176 pages
  • Dimensions: 11” x 8.125” x 1.125”
  • Weight: 1.59 lbs
  • Language: English
  • 5 Parts, 28 Sections
  • High-end construction with pages that are meant to be written in
  • 360 degree Wire-O bound
  • High-gloss, life-resistant cover

Summary of Contents:

Part 1: Awareness 

AWARENESS is the light that illuminates the path forward.  Part 1 will act as a mirror to develop self-understanding and is all about getting to know yourself before jumping into the creation of your business.

Section 1: Beginning

Section 2: Desires, Enjoyment & Skills

Section 3: Needs

Section 4: Perception

Section 5: You are an engineer

Section 6: You are an architect


Part 2: Big Picture

Part 2 is about painting your picture of the future. How do you envision your business as time passes and the business grows?

Section 7: Vision

Section 8: Purpose

Section 9: Goals


Part 3: Business Modeling

In part 3, we will piece together how the business operates by building a business model step by step, constructed with all of your carefully considered components.

Section 10: Value Proposition

Section 11: Customers

Section 12: Channels

Section 13: Customer Relationships & Touchpoints

Section 14: Revenue Model

Section 15: Business Activities

Section 16: Resources

Section 17: Summary of Costs

Section 18: Partnerships

Section 19: Business Model Summary


Part 4: Alignment

ALIGNMENT represents the business’s place in the world. You have a business model; now we will look at how that model fits into the real world.

Section 20: Competitive Analysis

Section 21: Sales

Section 22: Lifeline Analysis

Section 23: Propulsions & Risks


Part 5: Map Creation

In Part 5, you will create your map. This is where it all comes together. At this point, your work has combined conceptual planning and structural building.

Section 24: Map Creation

Section 25: Re-Focus

Section 26:  Identified Objects

Section 27: Scope

Section 28: Objects Under the Scope

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