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Growth Sales

Consulting & Contract Sales

Does your company need to increase your conversion rates, top-line revenue, and gross margins? Is your sales team falling short, or not yet established? We are here to help. With over 12 years driving better-than-market performance of B2B, service sector sales, we’ve got you covered. Schedule a free discovery call today.



About Me


Hello! I’m Jason. I’m a driven, passionate sales and operations leader with over twelve years of experience owning full sales cycle development, driving top-line, recurring revenue, and leading teams. My experience is derived from helping to build two startup businesses over the course of those twelve years, selling, building sales teams, processes and systems. I have helped to drive businesses towards both fundraising and one successful exit. 

I’m passionate about building sales processes, systems and teams. I take a data-driven approach that focuses on the fundamentals. I also embrace a startup mentality.

I have embraced a variety of sales methodologies, cultivating key client relationships and establishing credibility with decision makers. My expertise encompasses sales process, account management, relationship-building and communication.

I bring an entrepreneurial spirit, sound business acumen and a strong ability to understand organizational initiatives while assisting to build structure and track progress against targets.

I can’t wait to learn more about your business, and look forward to potentially working together! Book a discovery call and we can take it from there!

The Business LAUNCH workbook serves as a structured guide to help you develop and refine your business concept.  It provides a process and formatted space to work through your ideas. It prompts you to ask the right questions and challenge your understanding of what your business will look like, based only on what you know today.

With LAUNCH, users are walked through a 5-part, 28-section, 176-page process that considers all parts of the business and culminates with designing a 6-month action plan that empowers you to navigate the entrepreneurial landscape with confidence.

Contract Sales

With over 12 years of B2B service-sector sales experience, I’ve honed my skills as a listener, qualifier and problem-solver. If you are looking for contract sales, those services may be available.

KPI Establishment

Outcome-based  KPI development and implementation. Understanding which data-driven KPIs really matter, and are both reflective and predictive of the business’s needs are vital to driving growth and efficiency.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Marketing and/or your inside sales team is bringing in leads. If you’re having trouble converting, there may be underlying issues within your sales process. Each stage of the sales process deserves its own attention to detail.

New Market Development

I have taken the organizations I’ve worked with to new markets, adding states to customer lists as part of harmonious enterprise-level planning. New markets requiure and deserve their own strategy, adjusted to be nimble to the needs of a particular market.


Lead Qualification

Lead qualification is all about efficiency. It includes understanding who your customer is, the problems your business is solving, who your decision-makers are, and gathering crucial information to understand product or service fit with needs. This is a place to improve both gross and net margins, and create sales team efficiency.

Value Proposition Development

Your value proposition sets you apart. In my experience, a third party analysis of the solution you are offering to your customers can be extremely helpful. With additional perspective, there’s always room to improve and hone both the value proposition, and the messaging that the market is receiving. Marketing, sales and most notbaly, your customers will thank you!


Your target market, your value proposition and how that’s being communicated, cadence, persistence and strategy can all contribute to effective prospecting. I can help.

Customer Retention

I have built impactful customer retention plans and systems, hired and trained customer service stars and set the companies I have worked for apart – with customer service.

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