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We’re here to help you start a business. That’s why we started ours.

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This book is exceptional. I usually can’t stomach reading a business book, but this one guided me through instead and let me control the process. It helped me develop countless essential elements of a business that I would have otherwise overlooked. Highly recommend. – Gwen Walton

If you have an idea but you’re not sure where to start, or even if you are but don’t have all of the details worked out, LAUNCH is for you. I was astounded by the way this process made me stop and think about all aspects of my idea from various new angles and called my attention to important considerations that hadn’t occurred to me before. The workbook is like a wise mentor walking you through a complex process in a way that feels smooth, easy, and logical. Incredibly thorough, very well-done, extraordinarily helpful, and immensely valuable. Thanks! – Chris Tyler

I wish I had this book before I started my current business! I’ve successfully started and run several businesses and I gotta say- I honestly wish I had this book years ago. It’s so well laid out and amazingly thorough, it’ll give ya the road map you need. An invaluable resource for us entrepreneurs. – Jon Orlando, Rock’n’Roots Farm

Using Telescope Business LAUNCH was like having someone right next to me to ask the right questions at the right times. By the end, I felt like I had developed a deeper understanding and personal relationship with my business, even though it has been operating for several years. The business concepts contained have been intimidating in all other forms I have seen them, but here they feel intuitive and powerful. Great care has been taken to lead you to wherever you want to go, from wherever you might start. I left feeling excited to make moves to bring a bigger, bolder vision and execute my plan for my business’s future. – Casey Butler, League of Wayfinders

Your team was integral to our growth from a commercial gallery to a non-profit arts institution… we cannot thank you enough for stepping in at just the right moment to help us plan and strategize for our growth and development. The workbook really helped crystalize in our minds the path forward and that to a vision that was achievable. – Leon Non Profit Gallery

The whole book of deliverables is absolutely irreplaceable. I would be completely lost without it. The approach of breaking things down into achievable pieces not only helps to accomplish end goals, but it also builds confidence. The building of confidence is crucial for a startup, as it is a huge risk and comes with many sacrifices. – Telescope Mapping Customer

The book has been SO helpful that we are shooting to launch our business next month. – Business LAUNCH Workbook user

Rocking it through the launch! In revenue modeling now. Really well done! – Business LAUNCH Workbook user

The Telescope process generated some serious sparks of growth for my small business. Specifically, we organized some much-needed systems to put into practice for my bottom line. – JDP Arts

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Telescope Mapping is on a mission to increase the fulfillment and pride within people by providing processes that allow them to access and leverage their unique potential. By removing the fear and ambiguity we help people to start and finish complex, challenging undertakings.