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Testimonials & Reviews

Here’s What People Are Saying About The Business LAUNCH Workbook

"Using Telescope LAUNCH was like having someone right next to me to ask the right questions at the right times. By the end, I felt like I had developed a deeper understanding and personal relationship with my business, even though it has been operating for several years. The business concepts contained have been intimidating in all other forms I have seen them, but here they felt intuitive and powerful. Great care has been taken to lead you to wherever you want to go, from wherever you might start. I left feeling excited to make moves to bring a bigger, bolder vision and execute my plan for my business's future."
- Casey Butler
"Your team was integral to our growth from a commercial gallery to a non-profit arts institution... we cannot thank you enough for stepping in at just the right moment to help us plan and strategize for our growth and development. The workbook really helped crystallize in our minds the path forward and that to a vision that was achievable."
- Leon Non Profit Gallery
"Business LAUNCH Workbook was an incredibly important tool to help me organize myself and my business, and, most importantly, to motivate me. The interactive charts and graphs helped me visualize a focused path forward while creating a plan of action and steps to take to succeed. Overall, the workbook helped me stay focused while creating and reaching obtainable goals. Don't think twice, it's an incredibly valuable tool to have."
- Camille Shortridge
"I have gone through this workbook two times now and each time I've gained new insights into my business. The workbook easily guided me with thought-provoking questions, sparking creativity along the way. And I now have a much better understanding of what I need to do (and why), not to just sustain, but take my business to the next level. This workbook is easily one of the best investments I could have made. It's clear that much thought, purposefulness, and intention has gone into its creation. Thank you, thank you!"
- Rare Air Creative
"If you have an idea but you’re not sure where to start, or even if you are but you don’t have all the details worked out yet, LAUNCH is for you. I was astounded by the way this process made me stop and think about all aspects of my idea from various new angles and called my attention to important considerations that hadn’t occurred to me before. The workbook is like a wise mentor walking you through a complex process in a way that feels smooth, easy, and logical. Incredibly thorough, very well-done, extraordinarily helpful, and immensely valuable. Thanks!"
- Chris Tyler
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